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WATCH: Ric Flair says his agent embezzled money from him and allowed his name/trademarks to expire

Ric Flair is back with another YouTube video and this time he is ripping on agent Melinda Morris Zanoni. Flair noted that they’ve been friends for 20 years and she was his agent for 10 years.

Flair says Morris embezzled money from him and allowed his trademarks (“Wooooo!” and “Ric Flair”) to expire but thankfully, WWE registered the trademarks on his behalf.

Flair said, “you assumed I was gonna die like a lot of people did and you just grabbed all the money you could run with.”

Flair apologized to Sting, Kurt Angle, and Mick Foley for referring them to Zanoni. He thanked WWE, the doctors and friends that stood by him during his health issues and said Zanoni didn’t bother to drive to Atlanta to see him.

Flair said he was so confident in what he said in the video that he would get her disbarred.

Zanoni was fired in September 2017 after Flair had a major health scare. Flair later sued Zanoni’s Legacy Talent and Entertainment agency claiming that the company stole $46,000 from him. Flair claimed that the agency received a $25,000 payment for the 30 for 30 documentary that aired on ESPN and Flair said he as never made aware of the payment to the agency.

It’s unclear if Flair if the video below is addressing what happened in 2017 or if there are other things that have come out since that time.

In the next video, Flair said he would address someone named Ben and Nick. Check out the latest video by clicking below:


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