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WATCH: Ring crew frantically works on the purple ring ropes during Austin Aries & Neville entrance at WWE Payback

You have to give props to the WWE ring crew. Among their many tasks, they have to change the ring mats and ropes for the cruiserweight segments and then switch back to the usual look after the match is over. It doesn’t make sense to me but I guess Vince McMahon feels it’s necessary to make the division stand out.

What’s impressive is how they are able to change the ropes and ring canvas so fast every week. Usually, they are given enough time with extended video packages, a commercial break or a backstage interview to buy extra time. Well, at WWE Payback they were cutting it close. Apparently, they were not given enough time after the Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens match. There was a quick WWE Network commercial shown to the viewers at home and then they cut right back to Austin Aries’ entrance. They never showed Aries getting into the ring because the ring crew was still taping the ropes up with the purple colors designated for cruiserweight matches.

At home, you would have never noticed it because they cut away to the announcers during Aries and Neville’s entrance. A fan video has popped up online showing the ring crew frantically working to get the ropes taped up. It’s a tough job and these guys deserve credit for the work they do every week.

Check out the clip below:

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