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WATCH: Road Dogg trolls fans who say he’s killing SmackDown Live

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WATCH: Road Dogg trolls fans who say he’s killing SmackDown Live

If you’re a huge fan of SmackDown Live then you might have Road Dogg to thank for that because he’s one of the top guys calling the shots for the Blue Brand.

But Road Dogg has a fair share of critics even though he’s constantly working hard to put out the best show possible. He’s been through a lot in his life though and has some veteran advice to share regarding this subject.

Renee Young recently had Road Dogg on her Backstage Pass show that she does on Instagram every week before Raw and he discussed how he deals with the haters. It’s all about perception and he has a rather good technique to forget about his critics. He also has a great attitude about the entire situation as well as he’s not afraid to crack a joke when needed.

It doesn’t seem like Road Dogg is going to let the haters get to him and he even found a way to slide in one more remark geared toward his critics in the closing moments of the interview as Finn Balor walked by for a brief cameo.

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