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WATCH: Rusev dressed up as a clown for Birdie Danielson's 1st birthday

Is there anything that Rusev is not good at? The Bulgarian Brute can be a tough guy on TV and he can do comedy. In real life, he's a big teddy bear and one of the best accounts to follow on Twitter and Instagram.

On Friday in San Diego, Rusev showed that he would do anything for a friend. As you can see in the video below, it was Rusev Day for the Danielson's, specifically Birdie Danielson when Rusev became a clown for her first birthday.

The transformation seemed to take Lana by surprise because Rusev told her that he was going to dress up as a clown but she didn't believe he would go through with it.

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Well, the proof can be seen below and cameras were filming so you can bet that we'll see this featured on an upcoming episode of Total Divas. Enjoy.

Note: Birdie turned 1 on May 9 but this footage is from June 15. Presumably, there was a private party last month with no cameras and this one (filmed on June 15) is for the Total Divas cameras.