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WATCH: Ryback on his WWE departure, Vince McMahon, possible match with Goldberg

Former WWE star Ryback recently took part in a Q&A on Periscope and talked about his departure from WWE as well as other topics.

Ryback noted that he was not released from WWE, but rather his contract expired. He said that he left three months before his contract was supposed to expire and has since undergone surgeries that he has put off for 11 years.

Ryback explained that the reason that he wore trunks at the end of his run in WWE was because Vince McMahon wanted him too. After a 20-minute conversation with McMahon, Ryback convinced McMahon to let him wear his singlet again and joked that he thinks that hurt his booking on WWE TV.

Ryback said that he would like to have a match with Goldberg and thinks that they could have a good match. Ryback also talked about wrestling Matt Hardy on the indies in November, CM Punk and more. You can watch it here:

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