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WATCH: Swoggle rips Macauley Culkin: ‘This Ain’t Hollywood, Bitch!’

It looks like Macauley Culkin’s days in the wrestling ring are not over just yet. At least not if Swoggle gets his way.

Swoggle is upset after Culkin’s “Home Alone” tactics were used to defeat him at the Bar Wrestling show on Thursday night (click here to see the video). Now, he wants revenge.

In the video below, Swoggle said that Culkin made a ton of mistakes in his life but he made the biggest mistake when he stepped into the ring on Thursday night. Swoggle is ready to do it again anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. He ended by saying, “This is pro wrestling. This is my world. This ain’t Hollywood, bitch!”

This is a great way to get more word out on Bar Wrestling.

Check out the video below:


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