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WATCH: The Joey Styles shoot/Q&A that apparently got him fired from WWE



For those that missed it, scroll down to see the shoot interview that apparently got Joey Styles fired from WWE. No one in WWE has confirmed what exactly got him fired but people in WWE say that Styles was never one to shy away from speaking his mind and there were other instances in the past where he was on the bubble. The belief is that someone in the company was not happy with some of what was said in the Q&A. Honestly, I don't see what was controversial about it.

In the Facebook Q&A, Styles spoke about Roman Reigns' push and the fans rejection of him but he did say that Vince McMahon is right more often than not. He also said that he was not a fan of the Universal Championship and endorsed Joey Ryan. He noted that Ryan's gimmick was too adult and if he ever worked for WWE then he would have to tone down the gimmick.

Styles was working at Vice President of Digital Media Content and he's been with the company since 2005. For those that have asked, it looks like he will be able to use the Joey Styles name post-WWE because he owns a trademark on it and he used the name for many years during ECW and during post-ECW in 2001 and 2002 prior to signing wiht WWE.

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