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WATCH: The New Day on being the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, The Rock, more

The New Day (Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston) appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday to talk to Jonathan Coachman about WWE. Here are the highlights.

On their year and being the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history: Big E plugged Booty O’s cereal and said that they did a lot of great things. He brought up schooling The Rock. He noted that they came out of a box at WrestleMania 32.

On their appearance at WrestleMania 32: Woods said that they are three men who believe in themselves. They knew that they would be in front of a large crowd and that coming out of the box of cereal during their entrance was a complete surprise. Woods plugged his YouTube channel.

On Big E posting the #BlackExcellence photo on Twitter: Kingston said that they thought it was very important to highlight that moment as this is a time that five African-Americans found themselves in (being WWE Champions), and it was a moment that was positive that they wanted to highlight. Kingston said that the hashtag received some negative feedback as it was so open as people could have picked a random race to put in the hashtag. Kingston felt that they had to explain why they put it the way they did. The bottom line is that African-Americans have come a long way in America and that the photo represented it.

On their biggest moment in 2016 as a group: Big E said the segment with The Rock earlier this year. He said that he will always remember that he was in the same ring as The Rock. Woods said that his moment was when they won the Tag Team Titles because they were just trying to keep their jobs and being able to hold the titles for such a long time feels amazing. Kingston said that a combination of both of those moments stand out to him. Kingston said as a kid they would fantasy going toe-to-toe with The Rock. Kingston said that they have come a long way with their gimmick and that they probably shouldn’t be here but with their chemistry, they have stayed as a group.

The New Day thanked ESPN for having them on the show and this wrapped up the segment.

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