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WATCH: The NWO is back together

The NWO is back. In a new video posted on Hulk Hogan’s social media accounts, it certainly appears like the band is back together. As you can see below, Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash donned the NWO gear but we don’t know what this is leading to other than there is some sort of special announcement planned for October 27.

For those of you wondering why Hogan, Hall and Nash are able to use the NWO logo, it’s because they have ownership rights. They own a total of 50% of NWO merchandising rights thanks to a deal signed when they were in WCW. Hall sold his shares to Nash so Nash has a 34% stake and Hogan has 16%. WWE owns 50%.

The 10/27 announcement could be related to new merchandise, a podcast, a WWE return or something else completely out of left field. Whatever it is, the people involved have kept a tight lid on it.

Check out the teaser below. It was shot at Hogan’s Beach Shop in Tampa, Florida 2 weeks ago.

Note: Nash has 34% stake, not 36% as was originally written.

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