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WATCH: The Rock sends heartfelt message to Triple H



WWE is going to be celebrating the career of Triple H that starts this Friday’s on WWE SmackDown. It’s being hyped as the 25th Anniversary Celebration.

WWE had Triple H appear on Wednesday’s edition of The Bump where he spoke about moments in his career. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made an appearance on the show where he shared some nice comments about “The Game.”

The Rock appeared in his back yard where he made a joke about how there are some big things going on and was about to do his signature promo but noted how he’s in his quiet neighborhood.

"It actually is. There's some big stuff going down and the big stuff going down is Triple H, 25 years of a storied, epic, historic career already, I am honored to send you this message, my friend, to help celebrate and help honor you at 25 years, of not only being a part of the WWE, 25 years of being the WWE.”

The Rock continued by noting how they have been lucky to have the careers that they’ve had and share the love that they have for pro wrestling. He recalled starting in WWE in 1996 at Survivor Series at MSG. He stated that since the very beginning Triple H has been good to him and welcoming.

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“I knew of everybody in the locker room, that there was a hunger in your eyes. I knew that we were going to be competitors, we were going to compete, and work our a**es off. That's exactly what we did, and that's exactly why we gelled together, why we had incredible chemistry.”

The Rock noted that he always talks about the matches he’s had and Triple H as well with Steve Austin.

"There's only one man who I've gone around this world with and wrestled consistently with so many times, and put on just incredible matches, and that's you. I thank you, I love you, congratulations on just an amazing career. Also, not only an amazing 25 years but also not only in the ring. What you've done outside of the ring, too, has been unparalleled.”

The Rock stated that you can't compare it because nobody else has done it and what Triple H has done with NXT in addition to the company and making fans happy is because it’s in Triple H’s blood and DNA. He said it’s like Triple H was born into the wrestling business and why they’re kindred spirits.

“Congratulations on such an amazing 25 years. I look forward to the next 25 years. Thank you for being a friend, thank you for being a brother. Again, I love you, man. Happy 25th. Amazing, amazing. If you smell… I can’t. Love you brother."

You can watch the message here: