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WATCH: The Rock shares footage of his visit to WWE Performance Center



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to his official Instagram account where he shared a short documentary of his visit to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

This is where he checked out the training facility and talked with talent. It should be noted that the footage is from his visit in July 2019. 

Of course, it was recently announced that his daughter, Simone Johnson, was recently signed to WWE and is currently at the Performance Center. 

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He likely just released the footage now because his daughter was part-time training at the facility last year. He wrote the following in the caption of the video: 

"Thank you @wwenxt @wwe students for giving me your time & minds. Challenge yourself to greatness, listen to your gut, check your ego at the door, be kind, be grateful and always block out the noise. These were my principles I applied to my pro wrestling career.

"But I also learned to apply them to something much bigger than wrestling or Hollywood — life. I want you to do the same. Good luck, thank you for your time and always be the hardest workers in the room. And most of all, have fun. #squaredcircleDNA #nxt #peopleschamp"