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WATCH: The Street Profits got emotional as they said goodbye to WWE NXT

Angelo Dawkins Montez Ford NXT

The Street Profits have finished up with NXT and now they will officially be considered to be part of the main roster. Their roster status was pretty clear last week when it was announced that they were drafted to Monday Night Raw

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford have been appearing on WWE TV for the last couple of months in backstage segments but they were still considered to be part of the NXT roster. The reason why they have been doing those backstage segments on Raw is that Paul Heyman thinks they are cool and he wanted to let the fans get to know them before they start wrestling every week.

It will be interesting to see if Vince McMahon allows them to be themselves or if he will choose to water down their characters from what they were doing in NXT and/or have them start doing overly scripted promos. Most of the stuff they've been doing on Raw has been material they came up with. The last thing WWE needs right now is to make The Street Profits seem uncool to the young demographic.

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Click on the clip below of Dawkins getting emotional as he says goodbye to NXT. He spent seven years in developmental.