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WATCH: The Undertaker on Boneyard Match with AJ Styles, what he thought it should've been called



The Undertaker did an interview with Nine Line Apparel on Instagram Live on Friday night where he did a lengthy interview about a wide range of topics.

During the chat, he gave his thoughts on his latest match under the WWE banner. The Boneyard Match saw The Undertaker beat AJ Styles in what served as the headliner of WrestleMania 36 - Night 1.

The match received praise from fans and wrestlers. Taker gave his initial thoughts about the match.

“We always envisioned this match happening in a live arena and then somewhere there in the last few weeks when we didn't know what was gonna happen the next day.

The idea was thrown at me about doing something off-site and I was like yeah that's a much better option than trying to have the match that AJ and the Undertaker would have inside an empty arena.

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So I guess in our case we were very fortunate to be able to go off-site and do what we did and the final product. Like I said, I couldn't be you know more proud of it under the circumstances you know all the different things going on everybody to pull together and put something like that out there it was different and was intriguing. Yeah, I can't speak for AJ but I'm very proud of what we did.”

Taker then discussed the naming of the match and how he thought it should’ve been a Buried Alive Match instead of a Boneyard Match.

“If it would have been me, I would have made the match. I would have said okay this is a Buried Alive Match. AJ Styles doesn't know anything about Buried Alive matches he called it a boneyard match. He's the one that made the match so you know now it's a Boneyard Match. Even Buried Alive matches generally happened in the arena so I think we're just trying to give our audience something like. ‘Oh, what is that,’ ‘what's that gonna be.’ Add a little bit of intrigue and get people like get people talking okay what are we gonna do, is it gonna be in an empty arena so we're trying to generate interest in what we're gonna do.”

He thinks to do more matches like this, you need the right players who understand their characters and rely on that side of the business.

“For me, that put me right back in my wheelhouse. AJ could work with a broom handle and put a four-star match on.”