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WATCH: Things get heated when Santino Marella confronted Jim Cornette at Detroit convention

Santino Marella and Jim Cornette came face to face on Saturday morning at a convention at the Cobb Center in Detroit, MI. To my knowledge, this is the first time that they've seen each other in over a decade.

The issues between Marella and Cornette started after an incident that took place at Ohio Valley Wrestling over a decade ago (click here to read more on that). In the video below, it looked like Cornette did what he could to calm the situation and even told Marella that he wanted to walk away because he had nothing to say to him.

At one point, you can hear Cornette say, "get the fuck away from me, I'm trying to walk away from you. Hey, look at this guy! He's trying to start a fight with me and I'm trying to walk away. Motherfucker, I don't have a god damn thing to say..."

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