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WATCH: Titus O’Neil’s speech that Kevin Owens said everyone should see

Titus O’Neil has had a lot of to overcome in his life. But through everything, he succeeded and became the man we know him as today. There’s a reason why The Titus Brand doesn’t seem to be slowing down because Titus has had to fight for everything in his life and doesn’t plan on letting go until he’s accomplished his mission.

Titus recently spoke at TED UCLA where he discussed The Domino Effect. He started out his speech by revealing his mother was twelve-years-old when she gave birth to him and he was also a product of rape. He praised his mother for being such a strong woman and thanked her for everything she’s done.

He spoke about two heroes, his mother and a camp counselor who once told him there’s no such thing as a bad kid. Titus was a troubled youth on the brink of going down the wrong path. The counselor said “I love you and I believe in you” and O’Neil said those were some of the most powerful words he could have heard as a youth.

During his speech, he discussed the power of positive words. Titus talked about surrounding trouble people with positive influences because it worked for him. He said anyone has the power to change the world not through politics, but with positive thoughts and interactions.

The speech is very impactful and worth a watch. When Kevin Owens saw the video he was obviously impressed with Titus’s ability to speak and the power of his words. It might not be in line with his televised character, but KO sent out a congratulatory tweet to Titus O’Neil and proclaimed everyone should watch the video of his speech.

It is a great speech and Titus makes some very good points. If he could only adopt a couple of those philosophies into The Titus Brand then he might be able to find a bit more success in his WWE storylines too.

But after Titus’ words are heard, the question is whether or not people will act on them. Let’s hope they listen to him.


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