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WATCH: Trailer for Hulk Hogan/Gawker Trial documentary could tackle serious issues

I wear many metaphorical hats and I’m going to do a couple of things I rarely do in this article. I’m going to speak about myself in the first person and take off my “pro wrestling journalist” hat to put on my “masters degree in journalism” hat. I look really silly in it, don’t I? The trailer for the upcoming documentary “Nobody Speak” just dropped and it appears Netflix has an outstanding film on their hands. Not only will it delve into the Hogan/Gawker trial stemming from a scandalous sex tape leak to begin with. But it will also go even deeper into the actual frame of the picture painted by this landmark trial.

When Hulk Hogan won his case against Gawker there were a lot of us who were happy for him. But could we have been rooting for the wrong side?

The fact is that journalism isn’t what it used to be. I could go on for volumes about the evolution of media but I’ve already written enough about that in all my research papers in grad school.  America was able to change with the times in a seamless dance with the general population. But then the internet happened and suddenly there was a fire sale on the printed press. Nobody would have dreamed a tape of Hulk Hogan having consensual sex with a friend’s wife would be recorded let alone an angry employee of Hogan’s friend (allegedly) decided to spice things up and release the tape to a website known for their alternative coverage.

In the old days we didn’t believe anything we saw in the checkout aisle at the supermarket because they were the same magazines saying UFOs exist. So there was no way people believed stories like Barry Manilow was gay, but nowadays people have video evidence. There is also a few very important people who could want to squelch any of this technological advancement that might give the journalistic community an advantage.

As events in the Hogan/Gawker trial continued it was revealed that all of the Hulkster’s legal fees were being backed by billionaire Peter Thiel who had a beef with Gawker. Thiel was angry at Gawker for outing him as gay and since Peter Thiel is one of the reasons Paypal exists, he has more than enough money to share. This documentary appears to go into the issue of our media and journalistic community being censored for fear of prosecution for reporting.

America’s Fifth Estate could be threatened by the looming fear of retribution from those we report on. The agenda setting is thick and “Nobody Speak” looks like it will paint an excellent picture of the situation.

“Don’t Speak” appears to delve into some of those issues in impressive detail and I can’t wait to see it. You can check out the trailer below and I highly recommend you watch it when it is released.


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