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WATCH: Triple H comments on speculation that Vince McMahon will get involved with WWE NXT

TalkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy has posted the full video of his interview with Triple H at

As previously noted, Triple H shot down speculation on Vince McMahon possibly getting involved with NXT. Dave Meltzer and others have speculated that McMahon would want to get involved if ratings for that show did not beat AEW.

Triple H specifically addressed Dave Meltzer’s speculation on the matter. The speculation is echoed by many who have been following the business for many years and the pattern has been for McMahon to get more hands on with something (see: the original XFL) when ratings begin to drop. McMahon has said that he would not be so much “in the weeds” with Raw and SmackDown Live but he has been hands on with Raw and even more so with SmackDown Live in recent weeks.

Hopefully, that does not happen with NXT. Here is what Triple H said about the speculation:

“Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of things people like Dave [Meltzer] say that don’t make sense. Because they don’t approach things from a business standpoint. Put it this way: we’re going to be live on Mondays, we’re going to be live on Wednesdays, we’re going to be live on Fridays. There’s so much bandwidth to go and the truth is, it’s just funny the small-mindedness of it that people don’t give Vince McMahon the credit for being the businessman that he is.”

He added, “The speculation and rumors and it’s easy when people leave or they go they’re own way to just jump onto speculation and rumors and a lot of it, that’s just what it is. So when people talk about him as a businessman, there’s so many crazy misconceptions. The truth is, all of what we’re doing right now in this business is here because of him.”

Triple H stated that Vince McMahon took a “failing industry” and made it into a global phenomenon and pointed out how WWE has monster TV deals with FOX and USA.

Triple H also said that McMahon is not involved but he will have some say on things on where the brand sits with USA. He added that Vince would have a say on whatever he wants if he wants to at the end of the day but Vince told him “at this point and time, go make this thing a success.”


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