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WATCH: Triple H looks more than ready for a WrestleMania match after a very long week

When Triple H says he’s had a long week that’s saying something. The WWE’s COO is not only on the Road To WrestleMania where it’s expected he’ll be in some kind of tag match with Ronda Rousey on the opposing side but he also had to take care of all the corporate activities as well.

The Game recently uploaded a pretty impressive video of him lifting a massive amount of weight while his trademark chains are in play as well. But what really caught our attention was the fact Triple H proclaimed in the caption that he traveled 21,000 miles this week which is only 4,000 less than the entire circumference of planet Earth.

It’s a good thing WWE has their own jet for Triple H can make all of the meetings he’s booked for in a week. But it turns out Trips didn’t need 80 days to go around the world because he just about pulled it off in 7.

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