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WATCH: Velveteen Dream reacts backstage to Aleister Black 'saying his name' (updated)



Interestingly, one of the biggest discussion topics that came out of NXT TakeOver: War Games was the incredible match between Aleister Black and The Velveteen Dream. For weeks, the tension between the two have been brewing, and Dream was determined to use the meteoric rise of Black to gain his own level of recognition. On NXT TV, Dream attempted on several occasions to force Black to "say his name," which Black refused each time. On one episode, Dream even tied Black's arms to the ring ropes, slapping him in another attempt for his name to be said.

At NXT TakeOver: War Games, the match was well-executed, and filled with the competitors getting a level of offense on his opponent to showcase each person's skills. The fans at the Toyota Center were quick to ride the wave of The Velveteen Dream, and he started to get a stronger ovation than Black. Although Dream tried several times to use his mind games on Black throughout the match, and even had some near falls, he was unsuccessful in defeating him.

What put a bow on this highly acclaimed character-laden match was at the end, where Black grabbed a microphone while in his cross-legged position and told Dream – who was recovering from the Black Mass finisher – "enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream."

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Dream was interviewed backstage about him finally getting what he wanted, which was Black saying his name. Here was his reaction.

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