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WATCH: Vince McMahon seemingly jokes about Roddy Piper calling him from hell

vince mcmahon roddy piper

A&E will air the Roddy Piper episode of Biography this Sunday at 8 pm ET.

A&E has released a new sneak preview video from the special where Vince McMahon is seen joking about getting a phone call from the WWE Legend. The WWE Chairman asked Piper how he is doing and if it is “warm down there,” which implies Piper is in hell.

McMahon also joked about Piper holding an eternal resting place for him and that he wouldn’t be there anytime soon. It should be noted that McMahon did end the segment by laughing and saying, “Roddy's in heaven, Roddy's not in hell.”

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Based on feedback from fans on social media, the joke didn’t go over well. Piper, one of the best-known wrestlers of all time, worked for McMahon for several years where he had classic feuds with the likes of Hulk Hogan and more.

Piper was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005 and passed away a decade later.