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Photo Credit: YouTube (Russo), WWE (Cornette)

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WATCH: Vince Russo issues a “public apology” to Jim Cornette

Vince Russo has recorded a new video where he issues a “public apology” to Jim Cornette. Obviously, he was being sarcastic. The “apology” is in response to Jim Cornette’s offer to meet Russo face to face in an open area with no cameras around. If you haven’t listened to Cornette’s epic rant, then click here to listen to it.

Basically, Russo sarcastically “apologized” for Smoky Mountain Wrestling going out of business in 1996, Vince McMahon picking Russo over Cornette to head creative in the late 90’s, Dixie Carter picking Russo to head creative in TNA and other things while claiming that he had more success in the wrestling business than Cornette.

Russo’s “public apology” can be seen in the video below:

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