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WATCH: WWE footage from Dean Ambrose's farewell speech after Monday Night Raw

The Shield

Last night, we posted fan clips of the farewell that took place after Monday Night Raw went off the air.

WWE has posted a higher quality video of Dean Ambrose's sendoff on their social media accounts.

As you can see in the video below, Rollins called out Roman Reigns to the ring so they could both give Ambrose a proper sendoff before he leaves for greener pastures.

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Rollins acknowledged that Ambrose went out the wrong way on Monday Night Raw so he wanted to make it right. Rollins said he learned so much from Ambrose and "it breaks my heart to see him go."

Ambrose said the sight of Seth Rollins stomping Brock Lesnar and holding the Universal Title over his head was the sweetest thing he's ever seen. He also talked about Roman Reigns "kicking the sh*t" out of cancer.

Ambrose listed some of the things The Shield did at Barclays Center but said it's the fans that make the building. The sendoff ended with one last Shield fist pose.

Ambrose's WWE contract expires this month and many expect that All Elite Wrestling will be interested in him.