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WATCH: WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page discusses David Arquette’s reemergence into the professional wrestling industry

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette has made quite the reemergence into the professional wrestling world. Arquette won the WCW World Title back in the early 2000s after his introduction to the business through his role in the film “Ready To Rumble.” The movie was based on a fictional WCW character who feuded with Diamond Dallas Page. WCW decided to bring in Arquette to work actual storylines, and eventually won the promotion’s World Title.

The title change was seen as a major slap in the face of the professional wrestling industry. WCW would go out of business not too long after and was bought out by WWE. Now, almost 20 years later, Arquette has come back into the professional wrestling world in order to legitimize himself, softening the blow of the embarrassment that was his World Title reign. He has worked several indy shows, will have one of his patches aired on IMPACT Wrestling’s ” One Night Only” pay-per-view, and visited WWE headquarters recently.

With that being said, WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to TMZ Sports on the matter. Page believes that Arquette is simply trying to get respect from professional wrestling fans, and he’s putting in the hard work to do so:

“It was stupid to [put the title on David], but the fans reacted in a way where they were furious,” DDP said. “David [Arquette] loves professional wrestling and he gets vilified over the last 20 years, it never stops, because they put the World Title on him. I don’t want to spoil this for anybody but wrestling, sports entertainment, is ‘pre-determined.’ The bottom line is it was a storyline.

“The fans who were really mad there’s not one of them – if they were given the opportunity – who wouldn’t have done it! He wanted to at least get some kind of respect back and I said, ‘Dude, go pay your dues. I gave him some insight of where to go, I said, ‘You gotta put the work in. You want to get respect from our fans? You gotta go put the work in.’

“This isn’t going to be his life work. He isn’t trying to get to the WWE. He’s just trying to get out there, work, have some fun, and get some respect from the fans. And it has been working.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions


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