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WATCH: WWE may have created a new top star with these excellent video profiles on Roderick Strong

The production crew at NXT has been doing a very good job with the video profiles on Roderick Strong and fiance Marina Shafir. If you haven’t watched them yet, then you really should take a few minutes to do so. In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, it was noted that the reaction to the profiles have been extremely positive and the feeling is that they have contributed to the positive reaction that he’s been getting at the live events.

In the first installment, Strong noted that his parents had a very violent and toxic relationship and his father lived a rock and roll lifestyle. It gets heavy when he talks about how his mother shot her father and he says that drugs were probably involved. To this day, his mom still owns the trailer that he grew up in. Strong started wrestling in a ring in his backyard and credited Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart for training him.

The second video focused on their personal life, Shafir’s pregnancy, his training and he talked about the road he had to travel in order to get to WWE NXT. They used photos from his run in Ring of Honor and he noted that after 13 years he got a call to see if he was interested in joining NXT.

Part 1 of the video profile on Strong can be see below and scroll down further for part 2.


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