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WATCH: WWE removed women from WrestleMania 35 promo during Crown Jewel



As noted, there was a ton of controversy thrown WWE's way for deciding to go through with their Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. It looks like WWE is taking even more heat for the show now. During the show, WWE aired a promo for WrestleMania 35 - which will take place in New Jersey this April from Metlife Stadium. The promo, however, didn't feature any of the women in WWE. The promo was similar to one that was aired earlier in the week, which actually did feature WWE's women.

A reporter from Deadspin, David Bixenspan, Tweeted out a video comparing both commercials side-by-side which shows the differences between the two. Check that out here:

The women of WWE weren't used for Crown Jewel due to the cultural differences in the country. A graphic for the Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch match at Survivor Series did appear during the program, however, which the crowd reportedly went nuts for. Many find WWE's accommodation of Saudi Arabia's cultural differences towards women during the show disrespectful, and contradictory to their pushing of the Women's Revolution.

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