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WATCH: WWE Superstar takes a flying water bottle to the face on live TV



This went down during 205 Live and it was rather despicable. It's never cool to throw things at pro wrestling shows unless they're streamers thrown out of respect during an introduction or victory celebration. But that's not even cool with WWE.

During 205 Live this week, Kalisto had just given his all in the ring and he was selling his injuries on the outside when someone tossed a water bottle and nailed him in the face. I'm not even going to call this person a fan because if they were a real fan this wouldn't have happened.

The announcers totally no sold this and the camera just happened to cut to Kalisto before it happened to catch this utterly atrocious act. This kind of thing should never happen because there's no excuse for it.

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Pro wrestlers risk their lives and limbs every time they step into the ring and they don't deserve that kind of treatment at all. Let's just hope this is an isolated incident and doesn't become any kind of trend.

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