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Wednesday Night War 11/20/19: WWE NXT draws more total viewers, AEW Dynamite draws higher demographic numbers

The ratings are in for this week’s Wednesday Night War between WWE NXT and AEW Dynamite.

NXT drew 916,000 total viewers and AEW Dynamite drew 893,000 viewers.

It was expected that NXT would draw more viewers this week because they promised fans that members from both Raw and SmackDown would appear. The good news for both shows is that the viewership numbers were strong for both shows. AEW’s demographic numbers were higher than NXT so they have a lot to boast about. The fact that NXT did not win by a wide margin and they loaded up their show with main roster talent should be seen as a good thing for AEW and shows that they are building their own stars that hold up well with what WWE was presenting on Wednesday night.

Here is the total viewership and demographic breakdown for both shows.

Viewers age 18-49 (AEW: 0.39 / NXT 0.30)
Females age 18-49 (AEW 0.26 / NXT 0.22)
Males age 18-49 (AEW 0.52 / NXT 0.39)
Viewers 18-34 (AEW 0.25 / NXT 0.19)
Females age 12-34 (AEW 0.15 / NXT 0.12)
Males 12-34 (AEW 0.27 / NXT 0.20)
Viewers age 50+ (AEW 0.29 / NXT 0.40)

The story here is that AEW won in all demo categories except for viewers over 50, which has been the trend every week.

Next week’s rating will be very interesting to see because AEW will present a loaded show featuring Chris Jericho defending the AEW World Championship against Scorpio Sky and NXT, in theory, will go back to being a regular show without main roster talent. The total viewership this week could mean that we might see more involvement from Raw and SmackDown on future NXT weekly shows.

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