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#WeSupportSamiZayn trends worldwide on Twitter after pro-Israel groups reach out to WWE and their TV partners



As noted earlier, it was reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that pro-Israel groups reached out to WWE, NBCU, and FOX over comments made by Sami Zayn where he called on Palestine to be free.

Shortly after the story broke, #WeSupportSamiZayn began to trend on Twitter. He is currently the number 5 trend but at the current pace of tweets, it looks like he may be in the number 1 spot relatively soon.

It does not look like the pressure from the pro-Israel groups will affect his standing in WWE and quite frankly, there is no reason why he should get punished for speaking out for basic human rights.

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Also, as noted earlier, there was no response given back from WWE or their TV partners to the pro-Israel groups.