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WFAN’s Craig Carton says he was going to be hired as ‘Joey Styles’ in ECW, Paul Heyman says it’s not true

WWE/USA Today Sports YouTube

WWE/USA Today Sports YouTube

WFAN’s Craig Carton stated on the Carton and Roberts show on Wednesday that he was originally supposed to portray the character of “Joey Styles” and serve as the announcer for ECW.

“I was once offered a job in wrestling when I worked in Philly. I don’t even know the name of the league. I was offered a job in the mid-90s to be a guy named Joey Styles. Yes, I was on the WIP Radio in Philadelphia, someone came to me, obviously from ECW and said, ‘we love you,’ all the ass-kissing, ‘we’d love you to be our ringside announcer, and you’re gonna go by the name Joey Styles.’

They were giving me that name, they came to me with I was going to be Joey Styles in 1995. I think my schedule didn’t allow it or something. I don’t remember being against it, I wasn’t making much money, so the money would’ve been great whatever it was. I don’t remember, I think it came down to whenever they film it or do it, I was on the radio...I was going to be Joey Styles, I’ll never forget the name because it was such a cool name.”

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Paul Heyman, the former owner of ECW, took to Twitter to refute the story told by Carton as he wrote the following:

“Sorry, @craigcartonlive. I’m calling bullshit on this one. #JoeBonsignore was @JoeyStyles even before I hired him in 1993. In ’94, we needed a replacement that summer. There were a few considerations. None of them were to be named #JoeyStyles. #ECW @EvanRobertsWFAN.”

Bonsignore was the voice of ECW and called many shows just by himself. He had a legendary career that eventually saw him go to work for WWE where he appeared on WWE programming between 2005 and 2008 in addition to his work on the WWE website.

Dave Meltzer wrote the following in a forum on F4Wonline:

“Anyway, in 1995, Paul Heyman and Joey Styles had a falling out and Carton was approached about the job. The part about him using the name Joey Styles is his not remembering correctly. He was told he would be replacing a guy named Joey Styles.”