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What brought Baron Corbin to being constable of Raw and why

Baron Corbin burst into NXT’s television program after proving himself in the Performance Center. The crossover athlete from the world of football seemed like a perfect fit for pro wrestling with his tattoos only adding to his menacing demeanor. There was a time when Bull Dempsey would squash opponents in Full Sail Arena so often it caused the crowd to count in loud chants because his matches never lasted long, that is until Baron Corbin came around.

After dethroning Dempsey at NXT TakeOver: Rival, Baron Corbin did whatever he could to bring misery to whoever stepped in the ring with him. Although he was never given a run with the NXT Title during his time in WWE’s developmental territory he quickly became someone to worry about on SmackDown Live. His run with the Money In The Bank briefcase wasn’t successful but that didn’t stop Corbin on his path of destruction while he collected wins along with Rolex watches and twisted artifacts adding to his personal collection at home.

It’s been said that Vince McMahon is very high on Baron Corbin and it’s obvious to see why. He’s not only improved in the ring but his work on the microphone has only gotten better as well and he could talk before.

This week on Raw Corbin really surprised General Manager Kurt Angle when he handed him a folded up letter from Stephanie McMahon declaring him the new Raw constable. I love the fact Baron handed him the letter like that because Corbin just seems like the kind of character who would carry around a folded up letter from WWE’s Chief Brand Ambassador and Raw Commissioner in his back pocket.

But the question remains of why this is happening. Baron Corbin is not injured or else he wouldn’t have been able to apply an End Of Days on Curt Hawkins’ jobber James Harden to end that match and a potential taco party in Houston. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that it is simply a matter of them not having anything to do with Corbin at this point. After all, Money In The Bank is an absolutely loaded card and Baron Corbin isn’t even in a match.

There is nobody for Corbin to feud with at this point so they’re making him an authority figure so he can get under Kurt Angle’s skin and have a spotlight on him at the same time.

Only time will tell how long this new gig for Corbin lasts but it’s pretty entertaining so far and could add an element of paranoia in the WWE officials as well because as if they weren’t scared enough of The Lone Wolf already now he could have a hand in firing them too. Michael Cole seemed to beat down on the fact the referees showed hesitation and cautiousness this week which could have been why the main event ended in a DQ without even giving Kevin Owens a traditional 5-count as he laid the boots to Finn Balor in the corner.

Baron Corbin might not be Mr. Money In The Bank this year but he could have an even cooler title as constable of Raw. If a match between Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin is the result of this situation things could get very interesting but we’ll just have to wait and see what direction they go and how long they stick with it.


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