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What happened after All In went off the air and why the main event was rushed

All In

All In

For those of you wondering why the main event for All In felt so rushed, it was because they were running short on time and they had to get the match finished before 11 pm eastern because of their deal with the pay-per-view companies carrying the show on traditional cable. The main event would have been cut off if they didn't go home before 11 pm eastern. They immediately ended the show just seconds after the main event was done so they managed to give the fans a finish with just seconds to spare.

After the show, the rest of The Bullet Club went into the ring with their families. Cody Rhodes gave a speech and said that people talk about them going elsewhere and he mentioned how they've become the biggest commodities in wrestling. Rhodes said that he is not feeling the vibe of them going to a certain place (WWE) and no one person owns wrestling. They also said that they are all going to stick together. They also teased another ALL IN show but they stopped short of committing to it. It sure sounds like they are leaning towards not going to WWE but we'll see what happens in a few months.

Kenny Omega and The Bucks also spoke and everyone was emotional at what they were able to pull off.

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Aside from a few technical issues with production, the show seemed to have gone as well as expected and all indications are that a very large number of people bought the show because they were the number 1 trend worldwide. There were problems during the first 10 minutes of the show because the stream on Honor Club and FITE was down because of the surge in traffic. Clearly, the expectations for this show were surpassed as far as how many people paid for it.

You can see the post-show party with everyone's speeches in the video below: