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What happened after Raw: Rusev defeats Sheamus for the United States Championship

EMT’s are checking on Orton at ringside. They put Orton on the stretcher. Rusev came out as they continued to work on Randy Orton at ringside. Michael Cole said that it was disrespectful of Rusev to come out while they were working on Orton at ringside. EMT’s carted Orton out of the arena.

Rusev vs. Sheamus (United States Championship match) – They locked up and got to the ropes. Ref broke it up. Sheamus grabbed the arm but Rusev pushed him into the corner and punched and kicked Sheamus. Sheamus forught back. They fought to the other side of the ring corner. Rusev hit Sheamus with knees. Sheamus fought back. He had Rusev on the ropes and hit Rusev with the “10 beats” to the chest but Rusev countered after a couple of shots. Rusev hit Sheamus with kicks but Sheamus hit Rusev and knocked him off the apron to the outside of the ring. Sheamus went for a battering ram but Rusev caught him and slammed him to the floor. Rusev rammed Sheamus into the barricade. Rusev pushed Sheamus back in the ring and then put him in a sleeper hold type of submission move. Sheamus fought back. Rusev hit Sheamus with a spinning heel kick to the face. Sheamus leaning on the 2nd rope now and Rusev kicks Sheamus in the back several times. Rusev put Sheamus in a face lock. Sheamus stood up and fought back with elbows to the head but Rusev hit him with a kick. Sheamus finally caught Rusev and slammed him but Sheamus is too weak. Both men are down on their back as the ref counts. Both men get to their feet and they trade punches. Sheamus hits a double sledgehammer three times and knocks Rusev down. Rusev gets back up. Sheamus with a shoulder to the stomach and a high running knee. Sheamus with another shoulder and running knee. He charges but Rusev backdrops him but Sheamus lands on the apron and hits him with the “10 beats.” Sheamus launches himself and hits the battering ram on Rusev. 2 count. Sheamus went to the top rope but Rusev caught him and slammed him.Then he did a fallaway slam. 2 count. Sheamus sets up for The Accolade. Sheamus fought out of it before Rusev locked it in. Sheamus got Rusev up on his shoulder and dropped him with “White Noise”. 2 count. Sheamus back on his feet. He’s setting up for the brogue kick. He goes for it, Rusev moves out of the way, Sheamus gets caught on the turnbuckle and hurts his knee. Rusev with a kick to the face and then locks in The Accolade. Sheamus tries to fight out of it. Sheamus doesn’t tap but he passes out. Rusev wins the title.

Rusev and Lana celebrate as the Russian flag drops down behind Rusev from the ceiling.


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