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What is going on with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan?

We’ve gotten several emails from readers asking what is going on with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Both men have been off WWE TV for several months but they are on the road with the rest of the roster for the live events. In fact, Harper and Rowan have been wrestling each other in singles matches or in tag matches at most of the live events in recent months.

The idea was to take them off WWE TV and then bring them back as the men who attacked Breezango. The Wrestling Observer newsletter was the first to note that Rowan and Harper were going to be revealed as the attackers but that was months ago and there’s no word on if they have dropped that idea or if that is still the direction.

One reader asked us if there’s any truth to the rumor that they have gotten a makeover. I don’t know where that rumor got started but, as you can see below, nothing has changed but I wouldn’t rule out some tweaks to their characters before they return to TV.

It seems like they are putting more emphasis on tag team wrestling on the Smackdown Live brand. There’s been talk of doing another “first-ever” Hell in a Cell match (click here to read more), Primo and Epico are on their way back (click here to read more on that), and another top tag team is expected to move up from NXT to Smackdown Live (click here to read more on that).

Many WWE Superstars couple up and it appears like something new might be happening right in front of our eyes on social media. We might be reading this wrong but it certainly appears like Tyler Bate and Liv Morgan have started some serious flirting on social media.

Another real-life WWE romance appears to have begun

NXT star Liv Morgan recently posted a little selfie on Twitter and she received a rather charming reply from Tyler Bate.

Tyler Bate wasn’t the only person who noticed this new picture from Liv Morgan. The Ravishing Russain Lana also felt the need to express how she felt about Liv’s new selfie.

But Liv Morgan replied back to Tyler Bate with an equally flirty comeback.

This isn’t the first time these two have thrown little remarks at each other recently either. Liv Morgan replied to a picture of Tyler Bate on a few days ago and Tyler’s reply was the same as Morgan’s today. It seems like they might have something starting.

The last social media back-and-forth between the two came after Bate was posting an advertisement for his new shirt.

This situation is adorable. Tyler Bate was romantically linked to Toni Storm in the past and Liv Morgan was dating Enzo Amore until recently. But as Liv Morgan seemed to proudly announce, she’s single now. The situation is a pretty interesting one and you can click here to find out more on that one.

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