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What the heck happened to Brock Lesnar?

The big question coming out of this week’s Monday Night Raw is what the heck happened to Brock Lesnar. As noted by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer website, Lesnar was absolutely supposed to be at Raw for a confrontation with Roman Reigns. For some reason, that did not happen.

There was a script written for both Lesnar and Reigns for their face-to-face segment but that was obviously changed when the word got out that Lesnar would not be there. Skeptics would say that WWE figured that it would be better to keep Lesnar off of Raw and play into what critics say about Lesnar’s part-time schedule. The photo posted by Dana White on Sunday would only add to the way Lesnar is perceived by some fans.

Lesnar and Paul Heyman were not backstage at Raw, according to wrestlers that were at the show on Monday night. The photo that was posted by Dana White was indeed taken on Sunday and Lesnar was in town but not at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. I do find it interesting that the photo by White was posted just 5 minutes after the Chamber pay-per-view went on the air, guaranteeing maximum exposure to his followers and wrestling fans that were on Twitter during the pay-per-view. One person in WWE speculated that, perhaps, Lesnar and UFC have some sort of deal with WWE’s blessing and the photo posted by White could have been part of the deal that would allow Lesnar to fight for UFC while also working for WWE. I don’t know if that is the case but it’s an interesting theory.

Whatever the deal is with Lesnar, one thing is for sure. The wrestlers have no idea what is going on and the assumption is that something is up and it could have to do with contract negotiations because it’s known that Lesnar’s deal is set to expire soon. To me, the fact that Heyman was not at Raw points to this being a storyline.

Paul Heyman, while staying in character, responded to a story on about Lesnar not appearing on Raw:

Lesnar is scheduled for several dates in March including a live event on Saturday night so we could know more about his status by this weekend.

Here are Lesnar’s scheduled dates:

March 3 in Chicago (live event)
March 9 in Minneapolis (live event)
March 12 in Detroit (Raw)
March 15 in New York at MSG (live event)
March 26 in Cleveland (Raw)
March 30 in Boston (live event)

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