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What was supposed to happen during Jeff Hardy's Swanton Bomb spot on WWE Raw


There is still no word from WWE on Jeff Hardy but the feeling among people backstage was that he avoided an injury when he did a Swanton Bomb during his match with Elias.

If you missed it, Hardy did the move on the outside of the ring where Elias was positioned on a table. That was the finish of the match but it looked like Hardy hit the back of his head on the steel steps. Obviously, that is not how the spot was supposed to go.

PWInsider noted that the spot was originally planned in a way to protect both men and Hardy was supposed to clear everything as he crashed through Elias on the center of the table.

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Hardy missed his mark by a few inches and that is why his head hit the steps. On the replay, it looked like Hardy's head may have not hit the steps with full force, likely because Elias and the table took the brunt of the move.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted today that there was some concern that Hardy may have suffered a concussion but that was not confirmed because he had yet to be evaluated at the time he heard that. WWE will continue to monitor Hardy to make sure he is okay.

During a post-match interview for, Hardy said that he hopes that he never wrestles in a Symphony of Destruction match and the Swanton Bomb looked a lot worse than it was. He appeared to be fine in the interview clip below.