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What will happen when Asuka’s undefeated streak is broken?


What will happen when Asuka’s undefeated streak is broken?

Few people have been able to charge in and capture an audience like Asuka. The thing is most WWE fans didn’t even know her as Kana. They weren’t privy to the Japanese wrestling scene because they quite frankly didn’t want to pay attention to it. Albeit the number of American fans watching Japanese wrestling seems to be on an incline but I digress. Let’s get back to talking about Asuka because her picture is above the article. If the article were about Japanese wrestling’s popularity in the US it still might have her picture up there, but the headline would be different.

The Empress Of Tomorrow was able to come in practically unknown and garner the fans’ attention like nobody’s business. She also picked up a ton of wins too. At the point Asuka is riding high in the NXT Women’s Division and she’s having fun dominating all along the way. It looks like it’s amusing to her as she just keeps kicking people’s heads in when they try to beat her. Her undefeated streak has toppled Goldberg’s at this point which is ridiculous and if someone ever beats Asuka’s undefeated streak there better be a darn good reason to do it.

The fact is Asuka is primed to make a main roster jump soon. She’s been ready since she stepped into an NXT ring and many of her developmental contemporaries have already jumped up too. According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live Asuka wasn’t even signed to eventually come up to the main roster because she was supposed to be an NXT superstar only. But all that might have changed due to her amazing popularity as she seems ready to make the jump to Raw or SmackDown, but to be honest Raw needs her more.

Ember Moon is currently vying for Asuka’s NXT Woman’s Championship and they’ve built a good story around the feud. Alvarez speculates Moon will beat Asuka to become NXT Women’s Champion and then Asuka could be up to Raw by SummerSlam which sounds good to us. One drawback is there will probably be a considerable amount of backlash against Ember Moon. Another negative point is the fact Asuka will have her undefeated streak broken.

But what if they don’t end Asuka’s undefeated streak and are still able to make the title switch to Ember Moon? If they booked a gimmick match or pulled a Knock Out finish like when Sami Zayn kept kicking out to Owens so they had to give KO the KO victory that could work. They could also always try to capture the audience with good match story telling and make it believable if Ember Moon defeats Asuka, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

But many still believe including Alvarez that Ember Moon might not be the right fit to defeat Asuka. She doesn’t seem to be at the exceptional level someone would need to be at in order to make it believable they beat The Empress Of Tomorrow. This is why a gimmick match might be perfect and if they have Moon pull off a cheap win they could always transition her into the top female heel on NXT.


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