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What's next for Kevin Owens and AJ Styles on WWE SmackDown Live?



There are few people on the SmackDown Live roster who have been able to throw it down on a constant basis like AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. I covered their feud toward SummerSlam extensively in my new book: Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017 and that's enough of a cheap plug for now.

SummerSlam is in the rear view mirror and it would seem these two are parting ways. This point was driven home in a big way when Shane McMahon straight up said KO's shot at the US Title on SmackDown Live would be the last one he'll get as long as Styles is champion. Well, Kevin Owens didn't win and it looked like he had Shane McMahon to blame.

Kevin even chose his ideal referee in Baron Corbin. Although The Lone Wolf was actually being an impartial referee during the match, after two quick counts Shane McMahon came down to confront Baron. The former Mr. Money In The Bank gave up his referee shirt and left the match because he didn't have time for that. It didn't take long for AJ Styles to finish off Kevin Owens and keep his United States Championship.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how it would appear Kevin Owens is now going to be gunning for Shane McMahon in some kind of a feud as AJ Styles will most likely be placed with Baron Corbin.

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Both of these feuds will be fun to watch. Although Shane McMahon's wrestling matches are usually reserved for big pay-per-views, who knows when WWE could pop on a KO vs The Money match? On the other hand, AJ Styles will be a great opponent for Baron Corbin as he will undoubtedly be able to make Corbin look as good as possible during their program.

Although nothing has been set in stone in either case, it certainly appears the writing on the wall shows fans should expect The Phenomenal One vs The Lone Wolf and The Prizefighter vs Vince McMahon's Baby Boy.

The future of SmackDown Live looks incredibly entertaining.

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