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When AJ Lee gave notice to WWE, Vince McMahon upset with Byron Saxton

– AJ Lee gave her notice to WWE after WrestleMania and it was not something known about in advance. It looks like she gave notice sometime between Sunday and Monday because they were pushing Naomi on Raw and if the company would have known before WrestleMania about AJ leaving then they would have not have had her go over on Nikki Bella in the tag match.

WWE made sure to mention that she retired because “retire” means that they can freeze her contract and she can’t work for another wrestling promotion. I don’t think she’s hurting for money anyway. I didn’t think they’d move her to’s alumni section until her contract expired but she has already been moved there.

– I think most people would guess that Vince McMahon was probably upset at Byron Saxton’s play by play call after he filled in for Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T after the angle where Brock Lesnar took out all of the announcers on Monday Night Raw. Dave Meltzer was asked about it on twitter and he confirmed that Vince was mad at Saxton. I was tweeting about it during Raw and I hoped that he would get better as the show went on but the show commentary only got better because they sent Jerry Lawler out to help Saxton. That may have been Saxton’s big audition for when the day comes when Michael Cole is no longer the lead announcer but Saxton may have blown his chance with his performance on Monday. In fairness to Saxton, I’m sure he had to deal with Vince McMahon in his ear when he was out there.

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