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When will Carmella cash in her Money In The Bank briefcase?



Carmella is the only Money In The Bank briefcase holder on SmackDown Live at this point and she's enjoying every minute of it. But the fact is she's very in your face about her briefcase. It has all but defined her during this portion of her WWE career which is sure to be a long one if she keeps up this kind of momentum.

James Ellsworth is helping get her over and is it weird I kind of see them as WWE's Team Rocket? Yeah, like in Pokemon where Jesse and James would come in and try to steal the pocket monsters after an entertaining bit (or maybe Ellsworth is more like Meowth?) Regardless, this is WWE so there's just one thing Mella wants to catch and that's the SmackDown Women's Championship.

"I think Carmella's probably cashing in at some point -- not right away though" Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "At some point she's gonna cash it in." Obviously Carmella is going to cash in her briefcase because that's why she won it, the only question is how long will she wait?

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It was brought up how Carmella technically has a year to cash in her briefcase until the next Money In The Bank pay-per-view to which Dave responded "they're pushing too hard, I don't think they can wait that long."

Carmella is having a lot of fun out there as Miss Money In The Bank but she is teasing her cash-in pretty heavily. Some have laid low with their MITB contract to strike when the iron was hot and people were least expecting it. But none of them have been the Princess Of Staten Island because she doesn't do much of anything under the radar.

So prepare for trouble, and make it double because Carmella could be cashing in her contract any time she wants to.

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