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Where was Sting? Details here

We got a report that Sting was at the Kentucky/UConn game so he was already out of New Orleans by last night. No word on when they plan on debuting Sting. There’s a possibility that they chose to hold off his debut because of Undertaker’s injuries. There were alot of last minute additions to WrestleMania and Raw within the last few days. The biggest example is the Rock, Hogan, Austin segment. That was put together just days before WrestleMania.

There’s been a ton of rumors floating around on Sting and the company’s plans for him. I’ll be making some calls in the morning to try to get a more concrete answer on the plans going forward.

One other note, the company will be letting contracts expire to make room for the NXT talents. Some of the names you haven’t seen in a while are the main names that will not be renewed.

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