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Who has wrestled the most matches in WWE so far this year?



We are just about half-way through with the year and some WWE Superstars have already proven themselves to be vital assets to the company. These tremendous men and women travel the world and put their bodies on the line every time they step between the ropes in an attempt to entertain fans. Some people might not consider this "work" but if you put your body through just one match you would quickly realize it's one of the toughest jobs around.

In the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter it was noted that Sami Zayn currently leads WWE with the most matches. The Underdog From The Underground is certainly an iron man in that regard as he has already wrestled an astonishing 83 matches so far this year.

It is also noted that the top guys on the roster seem to be working less matches because 83 is far from the usual 200 matches a WWE talent usually wrestles in a year to remain on the top of the card. After all, Kevin Owens comes in second place with 80 matches followed by Jinder Mahal with 78. Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Cesaro, Charlotte, AJ Styles, and Karl Anderson are all currently sitting at 77 matches apiece. Tyler Breeze and Sheamus are tied with 76 matches each.

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When you really think about it wrestling 83 matches in a six month span of time might not seem grueling but Sami is still putting himself through the abuse of a WWE match at least once every 2.16 days. Sometimes he doesn't get that kind of a break in-between encounters either. It's an impressive statistic nonetheless when considering all that goes into being a WWE Superstar on top of just working in the ring.

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