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Who runs the WWE wrestler twitter accounts?; Vince McMahon in bad health?

Wrestling Observer's Mike Sempervive has an ongoing thread on the Wrestling Observer forum (visit to subscribe and check it out) with unsolicited addendum's from people that work in WWE. They are basically thoughts, opinions, and musings on things that have reported or questions to things asked online. You can only find stuff like this on the Observer site so I'd highly recommend that you at least give them a try for a month. Below are some of the things sent in to Sempervive.

For those wondering, all wrestlers have control over their own twitter accounts. That includes Triple H, John Cena, and Vince McMahon. Vince is learning twitter and sometimes he gets help from people but that's mostly because he's busy. Triple H and John Cena tweet their own stuff. Some of the talent do have kayfabe accounts to troll the internet.

There have been people questioning Vince McMahon's health lately while doing the ice bucket challenge and after Hulk Hogan's birthday celebration. Vince is not ill. Yes he has lost a few pounds but he is not sick. Some people believe that he's been doing DDP Yoga but Vince won't admit to anything of that nature.

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