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Who’s idea was the Owen 3:16 t-shirt?

Owen Hart’s legendary career might be marred by the fact his name is still being held from so many aspects of the WWE Universe. But it is a general agreement Owen Hart should be enshrined amongst the legends in the WWE Hall Of Famer sooner than later.

Bruce Prichard recently spoke about Owen Hart’s career after the defining moment when he was inadvertently involved in a spot which injured WWE’s hottest commodity at the time: Stone Cold Steve Austin. But Owen was able to turn this unfortunate event into his own t-shirt which proudly proclaimed “Owen 3:16” on the front of it.

“I think it was Owen’s [idea] actually. There was a t-shirt, Greg Valentine used to wear a shirt that said: ‘I broke Wahoo’s leg.’ And that was all the t-shirt said this was back in the 70’s or 80’s — probably 70’s in the Mid-Atlantic Territory. And I always remember that because to me that was always such a cool shirt. It was a heel shirt and he’s walking around with a shirt: ‘I broke Wahoo’s leg.'”

“So I was thinking what if Owen had a shirt that said, ‘I broke Steve Austin’s neck?'” Prichard Continued. “We did that on the back but on the front, we did the ‘Owen 3:16’ just as kinda a take off on the Austin 3:16 thinking that heel fans or people might gravitate to that because of the Austin 3:16.”

“I think it was Owen [Hart] who had that idea. It was either Owen or Vince [McMahon] but it came from the idea from wanting to put ‘I broke Austin’s neck’ on a shirt like Greg Valentine’s ‘I broke Wahoo’s leg.'”

The Owen 3:16 was a remarkable piece of merchandise and probably sold pretty well considering the popularity of the storyline. But the back of the shirt actually read: “I just broke your neck” which is much more threatening than what Prichard remembers being on the back of the shirt.

But Owen Hart’s t-shirt will live on as a testament of WWE always looking to turn a little bit of good out of a really bad situation. Steve Austin was their golden boy and he was injured. But with this piece of t-shirt business it stood as a reminder to fans why Austin would be so upset therefore when he did come back, The Rattlesnake would have all the motivation he needed to open up a few more cans of whoop-ass on the competition.

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