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Why Sting vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 is a Bad Idea

After Sting’s WWE Debut at Survivor Series 2014, a lot of rumors have been floating around about if he will fight at WrestleMania 31, and whom he would face. A lot of people say that Sting should face Triple H, after their encounter at Survivor Series, while others are saying that Sting should face the Undertaker.

Putting it frankly, Sting vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31 would never work. First off, Sting has said nothing about the Undertaker, and the Undertaker has said nothing about Sting. To force a feud between the two so soon after his confrontation with Triple H would be difficult, and wouldn’t make sense. Also, if the Undertaker were to beat Sting, Sting would have lost his first (and possibly only) match in the WWE. Conversely, if Sting were to win, The Undertaker would have another WrestleMania loss, making his WrestleMania record 21-2 during a time where he can’t afford any more losses. This is a classic no-win situation for both. No matter what the outcome, fans would be left feeling short-changed.

Many wrestling fans have been holding out hope that the Undertaker will indeed return at Wrestlemania 31, and have been speculating on whether this (possibly final) match will give Taker the sendoff he has earned, and deserves, to say nothing of the possibly of seeking some much-needed revenge on the man who ended the greatest streak in sports entertainment history. If the WWE were to ignore this opportunity and place Sting vs. Taker sinstead, no outcome would satisfy the Undertaker match at WrestleMania 30. Taker would have no opportunity to culminate the feud with Brock Lesnar,. Various reports claim the Undertaker was concussed during that match, and the subsequent performance, and ultimately the ending, left the fans with a slow, mostly one sided match, and a Taker-sized hole in our hearts. Having the Undertaker’s last match be against Sting would be ignoring the fact that the streak was broken, and wrestling fans would never be able to cope with that sad match at WrestleMania 30.

There are rumors that Tripe H and Vince McMahon are arguing over who should face Sting at Wrestlemania (Vince wants The Undertaker, Triple H wants himself). Having Sting face Triple H would make much more sense, considering Sting was responsible for Team Authority’s loss at Survivor Series, and the Authority was taken out of power at his hands. Triple H would undoubtedly want his revenge on Sting, and it would be a perfect matchup. As for the Undertaker, he should face a separate opponent, maybe even Lesnar himself.

Ultimately, the WWE must decide which match would be “best for business,” but there is something to be said for honoring a man’s legacy (or in this case, two). Both Undertaker and Sting are legends, and while a match between the two would undoubtedly be both entertaining and epic, one man would have to come out on top, and another man would have to lose. Both Sting and The Undertaker deserve their moment on top, especially at the end of their careers, but having them face each other would deprive one of the men their moment by having the other man win.


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