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Why WWE's huge TV deals isn't a fair way to gauge pro wrestling's popularity



WWE's newest television contracts and All In selling out in less time than it takes to finish an episode of the Sopranos are both impressive talking points to prove pro wrestling is experiencing a resurgence. But this star-driven business is even more interesting than ever due to the fact that there are so many different factors at play.

One fan recently tweeted at Dave Meltzer stating: "I feel like people assume Roman's a top ticket cause he's in the main event spot, but fail to see wrestling is very hot right now IN SPITE of Roman in that spot. For example, I was in the building for Backlash & I am no fan of Roman. I was much more intrigued by AJ/Shinsuke Seth/Miz"

This is a great point of discussion because it opens to floor to the question of whether a Superstar makes the company or maybe it's the other way around. WWE pushed Roman Reigns through the roof and can only get a desirable reaction when they're aligning him with someone guaranteed to give him a positive reaction.

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Meltzer replied saying that pro wrestling isn't so hot as a business, but WWE is simply seeing the benefit from another industry's booming success. WWE is considered valuable in the television market and rights fees are currently through the roof, therefore WWE is considered a treasure to Fox and USA Network. Therefore WWE's appeal might not be But that is when you're talking about WWE.

The pro wrestling business is actually hotter than ever in regards to non-WWE entertainment. Therefore you never know what could happen in regards to WWE's latest deal helping another company secure a big television deal themselves. But you always have to be ready for WWE to try their best to squash any competition that could creep up. After all, they've done a pretty good job keeping their top spot so far.