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William Regal responds to Gabe Sapolsky’s leaked email to Evolve talent

David Bixenspan at has published an email that was leaked to him that was sent out on Thursday by Evolve/WWN booker Gabe Sapolsky. The email talks about a “transition period” for Evolve and offers advice to talents hoping to get signed by WWE. Evolve has a working relationship with Triple H and WWE.

Here is the email sent out by Sapolsky:

Hey everyone,

This is an important email so please read it through.

We are about to enter a transition period. I want to use this weekend to prepare for that. A major part of this will be the in ring work. You are all awesome, obviously, or you wouldn’t be booked. However, I want to change some things you do in EVOLVE to make EVOLVE different and also prepare for what’s next.

I will explain more in person, but this weekend please concentrate on these things:

-Make every lock up on the show count. I saw Regal last week and he was at BOLA. I was surprised for him to say that he didn’t see many good lock ups there. Honestly, he said he barely saw one good lock up. I know this might be surprising, especially since some of you were on the show. This is a major thing. It’s about starting your match up with believability. Please let’s put on emphasis on lock ups where you fight for position rather than go into a spot.

-Don’t look into the floor camera at anytime. This is a Vince/WWE thing. I really don’t care if you look into the camera or not, but this is a habit you will have to break as soon as you go to WWE/NXT, so you might as well break it now. I can explain this more in person. It’s a huge thing there, so don’t discount this.

-Make every kick, strike and chop count. I don’t mean go in there and beat each other up. Just don’t waste your kicks, strikes, chops and sell it. In addition, consider who your opponent is. If Keith Lee is striking you, sell it bigger than if someone smaller was striking you. Keep the situation and opponent in mind with your selling and how you do kicks, strikes and chops.

-Don’t do cool stuff for the sake of cool stuff. Everything should be about winning the match. I’m not saying don’t do cool stuff, but don’t do it just to do it.

Have it make sense in your match.

-Challenge yourself to break your normal routine of spots. I don’t care what match rating you get on Twitter. This is small picture stuff. I want everyone to think big picture and long game. I can explain this better in person.

-I’ve been traveling with Chris Dickinson a lot lately since we are from the same area now. We have talked about this stuff extensively in the car. I feel he has a good grasp of it and can explain it from a worker’s perspective, which I can’t. Please get with him on any questions. I’ve also told Chris to take more of a leadership role and point things out, so please be open to what he has to say. Thank you.

-Some other notes:

-Belltime each night is 8pm. Please be at the venue by 5:30pm.

-Sal is is getting hotel in a little bit. If you are flying in, we’ll tell you where to go soon to hang out. Brandon Tolle is arranging all the rides. Please get with him on rides. If you don’t hear from us by tonight, let me know.

-Please remember the EVOLVE rules when it comes to:

-No swearing

-Nothing derogatory towards minorities, women, ethnicities or any other groups.

-No piledrivers.neck bumps, apron spots, anything that drops you on your head.

-Nothing hardcore without permission -No unprotected headbutts

-No mic work without permission

-Be super nice to kids

-No guests in your hotel rooms! We are not going to pay for an extra hotel room cause someone is your ride or you are bringing someone along. We arrange three per room. We are not budgeted for more hotel rooms. No one gets added to these rooms. It is for the comfort of everyone in the room.

-I will send out booking info late night. This weekend is going to be mostly about wrestling. We aren’t going to go big into storyline stuff or angles during this transition period. I want everyone to really concentrate on their matches, think of the fundamentals and making everything solid and make sense.

-If  you need anything call or text me [number redacted]. If you can’t reach me and it’s an emergency contact Sal at [number redacted].

I look forward to a fun weekend. Thank you, Gabe

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Regal responded to the news about the leaked email on Twitter:

I have just been informed that an email had been leaked that contained a quote from me.I had been asked recently (by several people )about my visit to the recent BOLA tournament by PWG.When asked I told everyone the same.I preceded to tell them how incredibly hard everyone worked and how much I enjoyed the show.I was asked the same question by everyone.One that was asked universally was “Anything that stood out”.I answered that the only problem is that there are too many great bouts and I don’t envy any of the talent because everything was so good and trying to top it must be really difficult.I made mention to several people and several on the BOLA show who asked for advise , that one thing I noticed was that they could of grabbed people’s attention with the quality of their collar and elbow tie up (lock ups).I preceded to show several talent who asked a few ways to help.This information has been used by other people to explain ideas to talent they are working with and some of it appeared in today’s leaked email.This long winded note is just my way of explaining that I don’t want this taking out of context and people assuming I was in any way criticizing the quality and hard work of the talent.Its a general observation that I always talk to people about as I believe the first lock up is the most important tool you have to grab the attention of your audience.

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