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William Regal reveals he once put his job on the line in order for WWE to hire Sasha Banks

William Regal was the guest on this week’s “The Sessions with Renee Paquette” where he talked about his marriage, WWE sending him to UPW to talent scout in 2000, and his thoughts on what Cesaro should do next.

William Regal was asked what the secret is to being with his wife for so many years:

“My wife has been far more wonderful than I am in looking after me and being an incredible person and taking care of everything when I was away. This is before I came to America,” he said.

“I mean, there was one time, the year before I came to America in ’90, I was away for nine months. Then the year I came to America in ’93, she came for three months of the summer, because that’s all she was allowed to come for because of visas.”

“We have a silly sense of humor, and it gets us through things, and we laugh about stuff, and sometimes don’t. That’s life. We’ve got each other and that’s what matters. Another thing is from the day I met her, she doesn’t like wrestling in any way. So there’s no wrestling at my house,” he continued.

“My sons were brought up without any wrestling apart from coming to one week a year they come in their school holidays with me. William Regal gets left at the airport. I used to have a very strict role with that even to wrestle in Atlanta. I live south of Atlanta, but I had to go past the airport to get to the arena in Atlanta. That’s when William Regal switches on and Darren switches off when he comes home. There’s not a picture of me in this house anywhere of wrestling. You wouldn’t know I was a wrestler.”

“I think another thing is the fact that I go away a lot. We don’t get on each other’s nerves as much as we probably would. It’s not that my wife gets on mine. I would get on hers.”

Regal talking about WWE sending him to UPW in 2000 to scout talent:

“In March 2000, WWE sent me over to California for a three day seminar with the UPW people. So I met, at the same time as meeting Bryan (Danielson), I met John Cena, Samoa Joe, Chris Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Victoria, all these people that were there,” Regal said.

“So all of a sudden, between them knowing that I would help people between the word of Bryan spreading and Ring of Honor starting because of really one match that Spanky and Bryan Danielson had, that was the thing that sort of got that going. All these younger wrestlers started. If they were extras for WWE, or even if not, they were somehow getting a hold of me and asking me to watch their stuff.”

Regal was asked what Cesaro should do next:

“There’s only four people that I have ever gone to Mr. McMahon or to Triple H with whom I have said I put my reputation on.”

“I put my job on the line once for Sasha Banks. She was somebody I went because I knew her, and my first thing on the job was to hire this lady. I said, ‘If it doesn’t work out, you can fire me.’ She’s not one of them. That was a separate thing.”

“I’ve only put my cards for people where I’ve gone and said, ‘Look, I can’t tell you if they’re going to draw you any money, but they are incredible at what they do. They are professional. They will always be there. They will represent the company well, everything that you could want out of a person’, and two of them were Bryan, and Claudio was the second. So that’s how much I think of him.”

“I just think that he needs to do whatever he feels is right for his family. If my words mean anything, again, it’s not about what you think is right or wrong, if nothing else, to have the stabilizing influence of a 100% professional person who everybody can look up to and watch and learn from and learn everything that you could possibly want to be as a professional.”

“He dresses like a star. As a human being, he speaks five languages perfectly. He can represent your company anywhere. That’s before we even get into the ring. If you don’t think that, maybe there’s something wrong somewhere. If I had any clout anywhere, I would sacrifice some of the money from that roster, and this may sound horrible, to get him.”

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