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Matt Koon, co-host of the Gentleman Villain podcast, said that William Regal will no longer be doing this podcast:

“Mr. Regal is no longer doing the podcast. We have three episodes left. This is one of them. Next week, we have something very special. Mr. Regal sent me an email a while ago. This email was something he made a while ago called, ‘The Do’s and Don'ts of Professional Wrestling.’ It’s a list. It’s a long list of things wrestlers should do and wrestlers shouldn’t do. Maybe with a guest next week, I’m going to talk about that. The following week, we’re going to give a little preview into the new podcast, we call it my new podcast, but it’s not really, but someone much bigger, much more famous, much bigger in the wrestling world, much more current person that is going to have a podcast on AdFreeShows/Podcast Heat, and that show is going to be on this feed. So if you subscribe to this show, just hang tight. Listen to it. We’re not saying who it is yet.”

Jon Alba, who was the guest on today’s episode, said, ‘It’s going to be different, but it’s going to be with someone who loves pro wrestling the same way that William Regal does. I think that for those who love the performance art of professional wrestling and appreciate the levels of storytelling that go into every single match and every single performance, this is going to be a dream type of podcast for you as a consumer, and it’s somebody who I personally have had lengthy conversations with about that. I could listen to him talk for hours about it. You just feel that passion. I think your listeners are in for a real treat.”

Koon added, ‘I will say this. If you know me, and you heard what Jon just said, then yes, it’s him. That’s all I’m going to say. If you heard what Jon just said about passion and you know me, then you know who it is.” That’s going to be, not this week, but the week after that, a little preview. Then we are going to start right away. I believe it is going to be December 29th with the new podcast.”

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Koon said he is working on a YouTube history of William Regal:

“I made some promises to Mr. Regal. One is, with YouTube, were going to organize a lot of the clips to be like a wrestling school, and another thing is we’re going to make a long form history of Mr. Regal, The Life of a Wrestler. You can look on the Gentleman Villain YouTube for that, coming up.”

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