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Women in WWE reportedly still not aware of any pay for Greatest Royal Rumble show

There are conflicting reports out on whether the women in WWE will be getting paid for the Greatest Royal Rumble show. The story came from Jerry Lawler’s podcast where he hinted that they would get a nice payday. PWInsider later claimed that they independently confirmed that the women were getting paid.

However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, none of the women have been told about this and the word going around was that the story was denied when someone asked about it. If they were going to be paid for the show, it would be good PR for them so the fact that they haven’t said anything seems to indicate that what was reported in the Observer is accurate.

It should be noted that any bonus money from the show, if there is any, would be paid out in checks that have yet to be distributed. The only wrestlers that would know in advance what they were being paid for the show would be wrestlers that have unique contracts or wrestlers that were brought in for a one-shot deal. Those wrestlers would be guys like The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Great Khali, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. I would add Shawn Daivari and Hornswoggle to that list.

The gate of the show is minimal because it was a paid show going in and even if they were getting a percentage from the gate, the tickets were very cheap ranging from $2.67 to $5.34 because the Saudi’s goal was to fill up the stadium. WWE is getting paid from their 10-year deal.

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