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Women’s Royal Rumble betting odds reflects possible surprise entrants

The 2018 Royal Rumble event is going to have the most rumbling out of any event so far because the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble event is sure to deliver on many levels. But there is a strange thing when it comes to booking because there are about 10 more slots than there are actual women on the main roster.

Therefore, some people are under the assumption that we are due for a lot of surprises. There have been rumblings that the Women’s Royal Rumble will feature Ronda Rousey but those rumors seem to have died out since it was reported Rowdy Ronda was actually scheduled to be in Columbia shooting a Mark Wahlberg movie around that time.

But if you look at the current betting odds, Ronda Rousey’s name is right up there on the list at second most likely to win the Women’s Royal Rumble. Asuka’s name is first by a great majority which stands to reason seeing how she is in a storyline with Alexa Bliss headed into the big show in Philly.

Other interesting names on the list include Lita, AJ Lee, Beth Phoenix, and Trish Stratus who all have the same odds of winning as Natalya and Brie Bella. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise to some if all six of those ladies end up in the rumble either.

You can check out the odds below, but remember if you’re better on predetermined sporting events, please bet responsibly. Odds thanks to Paddy Power.

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